Poetry by Samuel George
Tedious verses from an over-read melancholic hopeless romantic with a dash of dark comedy. All work is my own...unless it says that it isn't.

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I’m colliding into myself
A rainbow jumps from my chest
My breast implodes with pride
And regret howls from within

I break through the mirror and touch myself
This world is dense
This world is heavy
Where I am really from I am light
I become the light
Cutting through the darkness I created for myself out of fear of the dark
A moment spoke to me from outside working hours
Clocking in
The thread inside snapped and I had to kill my darlings
My loyalty has mostly benefitted others and all suffering comes from attachment

Seeing myself red raw is painful
Like being naked in front of family members
Like an animal
We are animals
Electricity passing through my chair

And I don’t know what I want to do
But I’m starting to understand what I don’t want to do

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Johan Christian Clausen Dahl


Johan Christian Clausen Dahl

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Really resenting life.
That sounds ungrateful, I know that life is a gift and all but I don't like the ways that are considered normal for humans. I'm sick of them all (the ways and the people)
Black & White makes everything classy right? Photo courtesy of @thesidsayad #notaselfie #blackandwhite #scruff #igers

Black & White makes everything classy right? Photo courtesy of @thesidsayad #notaselfie #blackandwhite #scruff #igers

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the world wasn’t ready for the kind of knowledge pac was spittin

world still not ready

Will you ever be ready, world?

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Don’t let anything stand in the way of your dreams
But what if you’re standing in the way of your dreams
What if you know deep down that they’ll never come true
What if all your efforts are haunted by this spectre of doubt that’s waiting to drag you to hell

What if your dreams abandon you
What if you know deep inside that they’re just that
An absence of wakefulness
Idle fantasy

It’s the journey
Do your best
At least you tried
You’ve learned so much
Keep trying
Have you done everything

Don’t give up
What if you give up before you start
What if every action is an act of submission
What if everything we do is just a form of losing
As we spiral
When will we awaken

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.”Blade Runner” directed by Ridley Scott

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